Doula Services

birth doula services

Many clients come to us as first-time parents who want help navigating the unfamiliar territory of labor and childbirth, while others are growing their family and would like a better birth experience than they had previously. Whatever your situation, a doula can help guide you and your partner through the birth process with childbirth education and support. Our childbirth services will help you to feel heard and cared for so that you are ultimately more satisfied with your birth experience. Having doula services assist you with your birth offers you:

  • AN EXPERIENCED GUIDE » to normalize birth and alleviate worries, while providing hands-on comfort measures and in-the-moment coaching to optimize birth progress.
  • PARTNER SUPPORT » through the teaching of techniques and role enhancement, allowing the partner to feel more effective and supported.
  • INFORMED DECISION MAKING » by providing objective information and possible alternatives so you and your partner can make your best choices.
  • CONTINUOUS SUPPORT » to complement the medical staff, while maintaining harmony and helping you to feel confident in advocating for your own best interests.
  • AN INCREASED SENSE OF SATISFACTION » with your birth through the reduction of complications and interventions, including Cesarean birth and postpartum depression.

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